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by Uglyannie Today is Friday, April 28, 2017

Vichy pop up store


Headed down to Vichy event together w Kim on Tuesday! :)

Vichy pop up store at Bugis Atrium 

Food :)

Posed for their polariods, both of us looked sooo white LOL, luckily we got to keep them ;)
Wonder how we looked posing for those professional cameras. Hopefully those pictures won't be uploaded anywhere haaha. </p>

& that's my minty nails (China Glaze's Refresh Mint), for the Green with Envy theme. Better than Kim, green eyeshadow! Hahaha

Event was interestingly hosted by Hossan Leong. He's a really entertaining and drama guy.
After he finished his introduction, he said, "Okay, so now, follow me as I bring you for a tour around Vichy", & he walked away. We thought he ended his speech already, and was going back to rest or something, as we expected the tour to be a video on the screen behind him. and he was shocked that we just stood still! Fact was we were supposed to follow him, and he was really gonna give us a tour around the Vichy store behind! Blur us hahaha.
He introduced us to the history of Vichy. Vichy is a place in Europe, also known as Spa & Resort town! Locals use the water for bathing & consumption and saw really good results on their skin! That's how it all started! 
Vichy Thermal Spa Water, contains 15 minerals! Can you name it?
Hossan Leong wants to test your chemistry ;) 
The 2 (new) products from the Normaderm range introduced at the event!

  1. Hyaluspot
Fast acting anti-perfection targeted care. Minimises marks.
2. Micella solution 3 in 1
1. Cleanses
2. Removes make-up even for eyes
3. Soothes skin
Vichy doctor (oops I forgot his name) was also there to give us a more insight to the new products & answer to our questions regarding acne care as well. 
The new product is targeted at acne treatment. Acne is something which bothers most of us. Imaging having an important date over the weekend, and suddenly, you experience a breakout. -.- It's almost impossible to clear all those pimples in just a day or 2!
This is where the Hyaluspot comes to rescue! ;) 
Proven to eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria within 2 hours, and pimple disappears from 48 hours of application! 
Sounds awesome!
"Guys don't think you all won't need this hor! Acnes does not discriminate! Regardless or age, language or religion also ok!" - Hossan Leong
Hahaha funny man. He also add on that the Hyaluspot acts like an invisible bandage, heals the pimple while concealing it (Y)!, and make up can be applied as per usual. Me being super acne prone, am excited to try it. But at the same time, I hope I won't have pimples breakout to that I would not need it lah. But back ups are always good, right? ;)
 the goodie bag :)
From L-R: Vichy Thermal Spa Water, Triactiv anti-imperfection hydrating care, Hyaluspot & Micella Solution 3 IN 1.
Yay! I'm gonna try #1 & #9 top seller! Had only tried the facial cleanser from the Normaderm series and it kinda worked the pores for me! So I hope #1 & #9 won't disappoint me :) 
 Vichy's Top 10 bestsellers for your reference :)

Ending off with pictures of us playing around the store before the event hahaha

Drop by the pop up store if you are around Bugis!

Happy weekend! :)


Gardens by the Bay


Few weeks back, I visited Gardens by the Bay for the first time!

Finally had the time after my exam to visit the Tulipmania display!

Perfect weather for family outing! :D


The whole place was very pretty! Couldn't stop snapping pictures throughout. Crowd was pretty bad since it was coming to the end of Tulipmania display.  It's a pity we went a bit late, and most of the flowers had already bloomed & some already died lol. But still, it was a v beautiful sight :)

"Flight of Fancy" @ Gardens by the Bay this June/July!

Entitled “Flight of Fancy”, the colourful display – complete with miniature hot air balloons, airplanes and kites, and dotted with intriguing flight-related facts – will open up the minds of many and bring the entire family on a fun-filled and educational journey of discovery. Find out – Are bats really blind? What plants are pollinated by bats? How do seeds disperse by wind? Which was invented first – the hot air balloon or the airplane? “Flight of Fancy” will be on display from 3 June to 21 July.</p>

Wanna visit! Wonder if they change theme so frequently or just for school holidays $$. If there are different themes all year round, my family are considering to purchase the annual pass!

<p>Happy Holidays!


[Review] L'oreal: Revitalift Laser X3


Earlier this month, I attended a L'oreal event. Invitation didn't state what product launch was it, just theme of Red / Black, so me (& the other bloggers) were really curious & excited about it! Hehe

Headed to the event together with Min Ru (Miss Rusty) at the Talent Cafe :)

</p> <p>Us :) :)

& the team presented us w a short & light hearted skit to stir our curiousity about what range are they exactly revealing that night!:

It was about how a girl, waking up seeing herself looking damn cui in the mirror, having friends telling her she looked older, and hurtful comments from beautician saying she needs to invest a few Ks to cure her face. #demoralized

& That's how we started on skincare!
1) Self realisation
2) Comments from Peers
3) Feedback from beautician

For me, I started out pretty late. My mum had really good skin, and didn't need to apply anything *jealous*. Too bad I didn't inherit any of my mum's genes for the skin :( and had skin which were really prone to acne during my teenage years. No one were there to educate me on proper skin care, and to be honest, I had always used pimple cream as a moisturizer (!) during my secondary school days! :O I guess that explains why my face is so dried up.

Thankfully, I became more vainpot in poly and started using sunblock & masks for hydration etc. and I heard that once you have reached 20+, it's time to use anti-ageing products! Scary as it sounds.... I was introducted to L'oreal Revitalift White (Anti-ageing series targetted for the younger genreation, as represented by the spokesperson, Hebe from S.H.E) & I really love it. My first set of skincare :)

Anyhow, my point is, it's never too young to start using skincare. It's better to start prevention earlier anyway :)

Now, I shall introduce you L'oreal new range that is about to be launched here in Singapore! It had been released in other countries, and caused lot's of buzzzzz, so I'm very excited to share this with you the highly anticipated .......................

Revitalift Laser X3 !! </p>

This range consists of:
1) Renewing Anti-Aging Serum
2) New Skin Anti-Aging Cream
3) Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream

^ & SEE! I NO BLUFF U! Product damn hot right! (Read full article here)


So here's my review after using the REVITALIFT LASER X3 range for about 1 week:

1) Renewing Anti-Aging Serum ($49.90): This cream based serum may looks very thick, but when applied, it was absorped quickly. Skins feels significantly smoother. & pores seems to have tightened!

2) New Skin Anti-Aging Cream ($39.90): This cream is a little too thick for my liking. Skin feels sticky even some time after application, & probably non-buildable for make up. That aside, my skin did feel more moisturized & "replumped" as it claimes! Some scars had seem to lighten too!

Oh! And I almost forgot to mention this! Both the serum & cream have a really nice and special scent! It's apple / pear kinda smell, which makes it reaallly refreshing! I My mum loves it too! ;D

3) Anti-Aging Transforming Eye Cream ($37.90): I'm the most excited for this as it's my time experimenting with an eye product! & it came just in time to help erase the dark eye rings & "unpuff" those eye bags from staying up late! I like the metal applicator and the cooling effect, it's my favourite of this range!

So far so good, no outbreaks or any side effects for me. As much as I'm liking this range, with powerful ingredients such as pro-xylane + adenosine used, don't expect it to be a 100% substitue for a laser treatment. But no doubt, this range gives intense treatment focusing on renewing, replumping skin and correcting fine lines / wrinkles to slow down the aging process! Give it a try!

Remember to look out for REVITALIFT LASER X3 coming to stores this March!! ;)</p> <p>
& thank u to L'oreal for the invite!
(go "Like" their Facebook NOW if you haven't!!)


[Review] FANCL: Skin Renewal Pack


Late last year, Plaza Singapura had a makeover and a new extention. It's now looking really pretty w the glass facade~

Was just roaming around alone after school one day and there were lots of opening promos going on. 2 cute girls in kimoni approached and handed me a fan.

It says I'm entitled to a sure win freebie! Being a typical cheapo Singaporean, I joined the queue to collect my freebie. I was surrounded by aunites, but whatever lol. Finally, it was my turn, and I dipped my hand into the box & picked up a ball. I had no idea what it was, and was presented with:

Letter paper?! I gave a 0.0 face and the sales girl was quite awkward seeing my face hahaha.

Feeling cheated, I went to take another fan to entitle myseld for another lucky dip lol. (I had lots of time, and really was super eng if you are wondering haha)

This time I got some vouchers, so I decided to try out some new products!

Being new to Fancl, the staff provided much assistance with my shopping there. They first helped me do a skin check (it's FOC!), using their machine and gave me an analysis of my skin condition etc. It was like a beauty lesson haha.

^ This is the results of my skin check emailed to me.

^ & THIS IS HOW IDEAL HEALTHY SKIN SHOULD LOOK LIKE. Oh so clear, and all those 'traingles'~ 

OILY, CLOGGED PORES, UNEVEN SKIN TONE, BLAH BLAH BLAH *STABS SELF* LOL OK. My skin is really horrible, I admit. I won't give excuses such as cos it has pile of melted make up on my skin after a day at school that's why my condition is like shit LOL. It''s quite embarrassing. BUT at least I know how bad my skin is lah, so I can go do something about it :-/

I was recommended Skin Renewal Pack to help exfoliation and for better asporption of skin care to hyradate my dry skin.

Skin Renewal Pack

SKIN RENEWAL PACK is a rinse-off gel mask that rejuvenates, softens and moisturizes skin in just 5 minutes. Fresh Royal Jelly Essence supplies Vitamins and Minerals and Amino Acid to awaken skin for a more youthful-looking and luminous complexion. Regular usage promotes optimum absorption of skincare and helps makeup last longer. (from FANCL web)


For lazy people like me, I use it as a in-shower mask. What I do is: wash my face -> apply the mask -> proceed on with washing hair/ body / whatever -> massage the face a little (instructions & directions giving together w the product) -> and finally, wash it off at the last step of shower. Ta-dah~ I liked the texture as it feels much gentlier and less harmful than using those usual exfoliating facial wash (typically with microbeads). Skin feels really soft and smooth after washing the gel off, and skin care was appplied (& absorped) more easily :)

^ My skin after 1st bottle.
*sorry for the photo quality, it was taken via my iPhone from their computer instead of being sent to my email this time*

Showed some slight improvement (at least I see some triangles lol). So I bought another 2 tubes. (Promotion for 2 tubes: $56)

Went back for 3rd skin check after a month, and the improvement was mininal. I don't think I will continue using this product because I feel it is not really value for money. It's $29.50 for a small tube (8-12 applications), and it is recommended for daily / alternate day use. Meaning, one tube will only last max 2 weeks. The price does not match up to its effects I would say. Not the best product if you are looking for fast results.

But good for skin renewal and pre-sheetmask mask to double up effects of mask (i.e. allow better absroption). and regular (free!) skin consultations at Fancl are always good! Haha

~Though this is not a review of a new product, I hope it is helpful. Thanks for reading~ ^_^


Save the Blue 2012


Kose Save the Blue 2012 

Kose Save the Blue 2012

KOSÉ Save the Blue

Date: 28 May 2012 to 03 June 2012
Time: 10:00 am - 09:30 pm
Location: Tampines Mall Atrium , Singapore , Singapore 529510

What’s Going On?

To help spread the word about the plight of Singapore’s coral reefs, KOSÉ Save the Blue environmental initiative will take to the roads with an event at Tampines Mall.

Who’s Going?

Well, Taiwanese star and KOSÉ Brand Ambassador Ariel Lin for starters. She’ll make appearances on 2 and 3 June, to talk about how she plays her part in going green, as well as to share some of her beauty tips with the audience.

Popular MediaCorp artiste Lee Teng will be the host for the event where there’ll be games with attractive prizes to be won.

Also, a portion of the proceeds from KOSÉ Save the Blue Limited Edition SEKKISEI series will be donated for the research, education and conservation efforts of Singapore’s coral reefs.

(source: CozyCot)

Went there on Wednesday with my mum! Check out our purchases!

I guess it's quite worth it cos it's like a buy 1 get 1 free promo, plus a $15 voucher when you purchase more than $100! *But the vouher can only be used for regular priced items :)

Mine! SEKKISEI series:

Perfect Cleansing Oil (Make up remover): $20 (U.P. $35)
Lotion Mask: FOC w Exfoliating Massage Gel (U.P. $35)
Whitening Liquid Foundation: $46 (U.P. $61)
Lotion: FOC w Mask (U.P. $38)
Mask: $39
Exfoliating Massage Gel: $35

Mum's! INFINITY series as seen on the pamplet, $188 (U.P. $262) + lipstick, $20 (U.P. $29)

& what's more, who doesn't like freebies! Even if they are just samples!

Mask, eye cream! & not sure what's the little bottle in the middle. Probably some lotion, for mum~

These are all our purchases! Total damage: $388 after $45 reduction from the vouchers! :)

Was initially just gonna get the Mask to try cos heard lots of good feedback about it, but ended up with so much more! Haha. Shall pamper myself a little this holiday before I find a job!

Happy holidays :)


Shiseido Warehouse Sale


The Shiseido Warehouse sale is happening today and tomorrow and this is one sale that the ladies simply cannot miss! Be tempted by the breathtaking discounts on makeup brands like Cle De Peau Beaute, Maquillage, Ettusais, Majolica Majorca, ZA and Shiseido Professional. We hear the annual event gets pretty crowded and heated so go early and be prepared to jostle with many other like-minded beauty enthusiasts!

Event Details:
Date: 16 – 17 November 2011
Time: 10am – 8pm
Venue: 1 Grange Road, #12-01 Orchard Building

(source: @greatdealssg)




Everybody love sales!! & so do I! :D

Was @ the airport & spotted this!!

Charity Event / Luxury Bags, Shoes And Kids Apparel SALE! Up to 70%!!!

Brands include:


and more…

20 August 2011 (Saturday)
12pm to 8pm

21 August 2011 (Sunday)
11am to 6pm

@ Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel, Level 1, Chengal Ballroom (Changi Airport Terminal 3)

Up to 70%!!! Damn tempting!! Will be heading down tomorrow hoping to find some something decent for myself!!

Another sales not to be missed is the #Club21bazaar!! :D

Was lucky enough to go the the preview on the 18th cos imma Club21 member :D

Lots of brands, goods slashed to even up to 90%!!!!!

I went there in search of bags / tees, specifically from brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, AX, DKNY but either nothing caught my eye, or they were still way off my budget ;(

Ended up only getting a pair of CK sandal!

1 for 40$, 2 for 60$!! (U.P. 299$/pair)

I believe it's one of the best deals u've got to get if you're on a budget like me!!

Just one little buy, but I'm still happy :)

Oh & FYI, sales will be till 21st (Saturday) @ F1 pit building (beside Singapore Flyer)! With lots of brands including Alexender McQueen, Armani Exchange, Balenciaga, CK, DKNY, Marc Jacobs and many MANY more....! Worth to check it out ;)


July 1-1 deals!


Yay! Twister fries is back! So popped by Mac's for the value lunchie! Don't know what to eat, so ended up with McWings, which was super oily....... & fattening!

Twister fries luv it ok! moaaarrr pleazzzeee!

Then walked around and saw damn long queue @ BreadTalk!

I knew there was some sort of promotion, but need queue so long a not?? LOL
$1.10 buns storewide / 10 buns for $10 ~
LAST DAY, no wonder queue so long lolol, so auntie me also joined in & bought 5. Actually not super cheap, but ok lah, since also need to get for tomorrow's breakfast, and cos I'm also quite free lol. Since I'm at such a cheapo topic, I might as well share the deals I know of! Deals are like damn trendy now lah, so0oooOo many deals sites! But too bad I don't know how to make payment online (don't judge -.-), & they have limited time, so can't get any of the deals at all! So I only enjoy seeing those ongoing deals that no need coupon etc~ ^^</p>
~~ July 1-1 deals ~~
McDonald's 1-1 Chocolate melts! Damn tempting isn't it!! Starting tomorrow 15 July to 19 July! 5 days
only! Must faster spam!! :D
Swensen's 1-1 Such a troublesome deal! Only valid for Monday - Wednesday (2.30-5.30pm)! Now only left the Cable Carfaits & Salads for the upcoming 2 weeks~ Only the ice cream tempting for me~~ Salad? *nah*
Coffee Club 1-1 Pasta & Rice or Sandwich~ Yum yum~~ want to go~~ !!
TCC 1-1 main course or pasta! This deal had been around for damn long already~ I'm sure many people had it! I had it twice, and kinda bored of it! Just need new introduction to other main course/ pastas! :D
Muahahaha, these are the 1-1 deals on my mind now which I feel like eating! Super hungry & happy when I see such deals appearing everyday~
Cheap food means can eat moreeee!! Yaayyy~
~~ Eat first, diet later!! :D ~~
Thanks for reading, if got anymore good deals please share with me okie?? ^^


[Swatch] China Glaze: Sugar High (Up & Away collection)


I really like Up & Away collection as seen from Temptalia's swatches! Don't they look like such sweet & creamy colors?? Bought my first China glaze polish from this collection as well! Flyin' High, and I started loving this brand of nail polish! Cheap & good (as compared to brands carried locally). Bought my 2nd one -- Re-fresh Mint! & was deciding which to get when my friend was gonna order again!

So I finally picked Sugar High! It was supposed to be a creamy coral kind of pink from the swatches I've seen, or at least that was what I'd expected. But when I received the polish, I was like.... did I ordered this??? Cuz it's totally ...... *yuck, I wouldn't even take a second look at this shade, I didn't order this!!* Serious. It was such a very weird shade of pink that I hope it wasn't mine lol

Here's the swatch from Temptalia's web:

^Pretty, sweet shade

What it actually turned out:

(Taken by Nikon D60)

Hmm what shade of pink should I categorise this pink as? Hot pink? Coming to look at the pic, and compare to my nails now, this picture's color isn't v true to the orignal. It's more of a neon pink! -- slightly less bright thou. Oh my god, it's so hard to describe the color, let me try finding the closest shade from the color panel..... *5 minutes later* seriously, there's no shade even close.. zzz, if you wanna see the color, just come find me personally? :D Hahaha jk

Sigh sigh sigh, not really happy with the color! But I guess it's fine, since it's the color block season isn't it! So this is good! Just in time! Maybe soon I'll just get use to this! :)

P.s: Surfing Temptalia's web now! Wow, I think China Glaze: Island Escape: Papaya Punch is damn nice!!! Anyone ordering nail polishes please let me know ok! Thx ;)


China Glaze: Anchor Away + Crackle


My new polishes! (L-R):

White Cap #951: Whimsical and sparkling multi-dimensional white

Pelican Gray #952: High shine, cool toned grey crème

Sea Spray #953: Calming pale blue crème

Below Deck #954: A flirty mix of taupe and violet

Sunset Sail  #955: Delightful peachy pink high shine crème

Knotty #956: Micro-particle beige shimmer

Ahoy! #947: Delightfully intense pink that flashes with reflective glass speck

Cracked Concrete #979: Grey Crackle


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